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Youth Red Cross


        This Vesaja Patel College Hemgir Duduka Established in 1982 by the generous  Philanthropist Late Sri Vesaja Patel of Village Kundukela to impart education to the poor, Adivasi and deprived section of this locality. Consequent upon this the YRC wing of the college was thought and opened in the year 2000 with one unit with 50 volunteers. Since then, the YRC is working in this institution having one unit at present and creating awareness among villages about different social maladies, orthodoxies, dogmas and prejudices. It is also undertakes blood donation, awareness on health, AIDS like programme at intervals. We hope this will go a long way.


1. Aims of YRC:-

The aims of YRC are:-
a) Promotion of health and hygiene
b) Service to others
c) World friendliness

2. Objectives of YRC:-

The objectives of Youth Red Cross shall be to train the zealous youth in the fundamental Principle of the Red Cross , so that they may remain imperturbable unwearying, unfaltering and develop in the element of quiet self-sacrifice when disaster strike humanity. Keeping this in view the YRC shall endeavour as follows for

  1. Promotion of potentialities of the Youth to enable them to render skilled philanthropic service toned up by a sense of self sacrifice for the mitigation of suffering of the needy and the distressed.
  2.  Promotion of health hygiene and sanitation and cognate subjects among the members of the community for the prevention of diseases and mitigation of suffering.
  3. Promotion of motivations among the youth for fostering friendship and fraternity at the national and international level.
  4. Promotion of qualities of leadership and traits of personality among the youth.
  5. Promotion of spirit of self-reliance and dignity of labour among the youth.
  6. Promotion of training in various skills to render qualified service to the needy.
  7. Promotion of factors which may contribute to the establishment of peace at national and international level.  


1. Sushanta Kumar Patel              Since 2000 to till date



I) A special camp was held in 2000 at Kaletpani. The main Project under taken are:-

  1. Awareness for health
  2. Socio-economic survey
  3. Awareness on pollution
  4. First aid training
  5. Survey for blind, leprosy, aged person etc.

ii) Another health camp was held at Dulinga, Dist.Sundargarh in the same year.
iii) A blood grouping camps was held in college campus              in 2010  
       Normal camps were held on awareness on Health, sanitation, blood grouping, AIDS, pollution, etc  in 2009-10.This project are undertaken collaboration with Red Ribbon Club of this college.

    1.       Special camp at Kaletpani in 2000
    2. Health camp was held at Dulinga in 2000
    3. Blood group was held in 2010


  • Awareness for health
  • Socio-economic survey
  • Awareness on pollution
  • First aid training Survey for blind, leprosy, aged person etc
  • awareness on AIDS
  • Organize blood donation camp
  • organize rally on AIDS Maleria,