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» The academic session of the college is from June to May.
» At the time of admission the candidate and his guardian shall have to sign an undertaking in application form to the effect that he or she shall abide by ...
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Academic Session 2014-15
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Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC)

The concept of NAAC Accreditation took its birth in the year 2009 with a view to bringing profound effect on the Institutional Perception of Quality. To adopt innovative methodologies, quality assurance mechanism has become an integral part of educational system. This college applied for NAAC Accreditation in Annexure-I (Letter of Intent) as Affiliated College on dt. 17-12-2009 and the college became eligible for stepping into apply for Annexure-II, IEQA vide NAAC letter No. E & NER-GH/L-1/10894-A & A-C/09 dated14-12-2009 and submitted application for IEQA on dt. 24-12-2009 vide this office lt. no. 971.

1. Generating good practices and ideas.
2. To chalk out Action plan for quality improvement for the academic year.
3. Implementation of plans and programmes.
4. Evaluating the academic & administer fine performance.
5. Developing realistic & attainable quality.
6. Promoting awareness for working out procedural modalities.

A Staff Council meeting was held on dt. 13-08-2009 and decided to form the IQAC and was composed for the first time following the NAAC guidelines with the following members on dt. 20-08-2009.

1. Chairperson: - Sushil Kumar Choudhury, Principal
2.     (a) Member: -Iswar Chandra Choudhury, Lect. in Mathematics
        (b) Member: - Dr. Ashok Kumar Naik, Lect. in Geology
        (c) Member: - Pramod Kumar Panda, Lect. in History
        (d) Member: - Pradeep Kumar Dash, Lect. in Pol. Sc.
3. Member (External)
        (a) Sri Jogesh Kumar Singh, Honíble MLA, Sadar, Sundargarh
        (b) Dr. Dasaratha Choudhury, Retd. Principal ( Eminent Educationist)
4. Co-coordinator/Member Secretary: - Dr. Prasanta Patel, Lect. in Education

Due to transfer & forming of new Principal, Sri Prahallad Sharma it was again recomposed on dt. 06-07-2010 as follows: -
1. Chairperson: - Prahallad Sharma, Principal
2.     (a) Member: - Sushil Kumar Choudhury, Lect. in English
        (b) Member: - Dr. Ashok Kumar Naik, Lect. in Geology
        (c) Member: - Pramod Kumar Panda, Lect. in History
        (d) Member: - Pradeep Kumar Dash, Lect. in Pol. Sc.
3. Member (External)
        (a) Sri Jogesh Kumar Singh, Honíble MLA, SaDAR, Sundargarh
        (b) Dr. Dasaratha Choudhury, Retd. Principal( Eminent Educationist)
4. Co-ordinator/Member Secretary: - Dr. Prasanta patel, Lect. in Education

ANNUAL ACTION PLAN: - 2009-10, 2010-11

  2. Construction of Alumni Association.
  3. Construction of Parentsí Association.
  4. Organization of Seminars.
  5. Purchasing Books for Library.
  6. Preparation of Reading Room attached to Library.
  7. Automation of Library, Accounts and Examination.
  8. Project Class Room.
  9. Preparation of Question Bank.
  10. Feedback Classes.
  11. Computer learning programme
  12. Internal Evaluation.
  13. Initiative for Womenís Harassment Cell, Antiragging Cell,
  14. Activation of YRC & NSS.
  15. Power Back Up system.
  16. Audio-Visual Class Room.
  17. Renovation of Science Laboratory.
  18. Organizing Cultural Competition.
  19. Construction of GYM.
  20. College Canteen.


  1. Submission of SSR on 02.09. 2010
  2. Registration of Alumni Association.
  3. Alumni and Parents meeting.
  4. Seminars of all department having honours.
  5. Purchase of Books of Rs. 2,50,000/-
  6. Completion of Reading Room.
  7. Automated Library, Accounts and Examination.
  8. Class Room teaching through LCD Projector.
  9. Periodical assessment / Question Bank.
  10. Feedback Classes.
  11. Computer awareness programme.
  12. Functioning of Womenís Harassment Cell, Anti-ragging Cell, Placement Cell and grievance Cell.
  13. Organization of awareness programme through YRC and NSS.
  14. Installation of Generator and Inverter.
  15. Well equipped Science Laboratory.
  16. Organized debates, essay, song, alpana competition.
  17. GYM & Canteen.
  18. Yoga Classes.


  1.  Session-1, Dt. 13-08-2009
  2.  Session-2. Dt.20-08-2009
  3.  Session-3, Dt.02-09-2009
  4.  Session-4, Dt. 10-12-2009
  5.  Session-5, Dt.22-01-2010
  6.  Session-6, Dt. 18-02-2010
  7.  Session-7, Dt. 23-03-2010


  1.  Session-8, Dt.06-07-2010
  2.  Session-9, Dt. 10-08-2010
  3. Session-10, Dt. 07-12-2010
  4. Session-11, Dt. 14-12-2010
  5. Session-12, Dt. 17- 01-2011


1. Sri Prahallad Sharma, Principal, XIX Orientation Programme for Principals, Indian Institute of Education, Pune, 27th September to 3rd October 2010

2. Sri Sushil Kumar Choudhury,

(a) Refresher Course, Sambalpur University, Jyoti Vihar, Burla, (from dt.26-10-2010 to 18-11-2010)
(b) National Level Workshop, G.M. College, Sambalpur ``(Inflibnit Ahmedabad)
(c) Guest Faculty, M.D. College, Garh mahulpali, Sundargarh.
(d) Guest Faculty, Manikeswari College, Garh Tumlia, Sundargarh
3. Smt. B.S.Majhi, Lectureer in Botany,
        (a) Refresher Coursde (from 26-07-2010 to 15-08-2010) Academic Staff College, Jyoti Vihar, Sambalpur.

Keeping in view of the Quality Assurance, the IQAC, in collaboration with the Steering Committee, is marching ahead with success and eagerly awaits for the visit of Peer Teem, NAAC scheduled on 7th and 8th February for an assessment of credibility of the college for enhancing better academic progress to keep pace with the highly advanced educational and technological era of 21st century.