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College Rules
» The academic session of the college is from June to May.
» At the time of admission the candidate and his guardian shall have to sign an undertaking in application form to the effect that he or she shall abide by ...
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Academic Session 2014-15
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Our College Examination

The Council of Higher Secondary Education conducts one Annual Examination for +2 students. The University also conducts 1st University, 2nd University and 3rd University Examination for 1st, 2nd, 3rd Years students keeping provisions of back paper.

No person whose name has not been registered in the CHSE or University shall be permitted to appear for any CHSE or University Exams.

Before being admitted to CHSE or University Exams, a candidate must have been registered there of.
Every candidate for an Examination of the CHSE or University shall produce evidence of having previously passed the qualifying examinations.

Every candidate sent up for the CHSE or University Examination by a college shell produce a certificate of (a) Good Conduct, (b) Having satisfactorily passed the college periodical examinations and other Tests.



(a) College Examination: -
There will be monthly Test towards the last week of every month to be decided by the staff council. Promotion to the next higher class will be decided on the basic of the results by the staff council.

(b) Test Examinations: -
College may conduct Test examinations in November. On the basis of the performance of the examination and other Test conducted earlier staff council will sent up the student for Annual Examination as per following rules.

(c) For +3 1st year and 2nd and 3rd year students, college conducts Annual Examination as per the programme fixed by the University.


  1. All examinations are compulsory and the student absent there from without prior permission of Principal will be penalized. Students avoiding these exams may not be promoted or sent up for final examinations.
  2. Applications for leave of absence due to illness must be accompanied by a medical certificate from a registered Medical practitioner.
  3. If a student fails to appear in the Annual/Test Examinations or part thereof on medical ground or otherwise for which he applies for examination even with necessary medical certificate. He will be penalized as deemed fit by the staff council.    
  4. Malpractice or misconduct in any form in the college examination will be seriously viewed and strictly dealt with. Student on such a ground may be penalized with fine or detention or both as decided by the staff council.
  5. If absent with leave, the students progress will be judged from the marks obtained in other exams.
  6. If a +3 1st years students fails to fill up the form for Exam. he/she is not subject to promotion to next higher class.
  7. The +2 1st years students are not subject to promotion unless they appear at the Annual Exam.


  1. Candidate should bring their own pens and mathematical instruments. Identity card and Admit card.
  2. No book or printed paper manuscript should be brought in to the examination hall. They are advised not to take any book to the College in the day of examination as nobody can undertake the responsibility of safe guarding them.
  3. Candidates are not allowed to leave the hall until an hour after the examination has started.
  4. Candidate should not leave their seats until they have submitted their answer books to an invigilator. No answer books should be left behind on the desk.
  5. No candidate will be allowed to enter the examination hall after once quitting it. In order to answer the call of nature however a candidate may be permitted by the senior invigilator to leave the hall temporarily under special supervision.
  6. Candidate should not, while in the examination hall write anything on the question paper. They should not take out of the hall any paper other then the question paper.
Infringement by candidates of any of the above rules or misbehavior will render then liable to expulsion from the examination hall or to such other punishment as the principal may deem fit to impose.